BWF-Fire Door Alliance

BWF fire doors

Fire Doorsets

A fire doorset has a critical role to play in any passive fire protection plan.

A doorway is considered a weak point in containing a fire as it represents a break in the barrier formed by fire protection products installed within a compartment wall.

A door also requires a gap between the frame and the leaf and often includes metal components that conduct heat.

Using a certified fire door, with the compatible components identified in the fire test data sheet, will ensure the fire barrier is maintained.

All passive fire protection products are potential life saving products, third party certification, involving testing and auditing, should be the minimum standard demanded for every building.

Through this the customer and enforcement authorities can be confident the goods supplied and installed are fit for purpose.

Doorworks decided early on that this was the route we wanted to take.

After attaining BM TRADA ISO 9000:2001, which has now been superseded by ISO 9000:2008 Quality Management Systems, we became third party certificated by Warringtonfire and subsequently joined the BWF-Certifire Scheme, which is now known as the BWF-Fire Door Alliance.

We have been members of this for many years.

We are audited every year by Warringtonfire and this ensures we are maintaining the standards set out within the BWF Fire Door Alliance Scheme.


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